For over 25 years we have been creating innovative solutions for current tasks and creating flexible, inspiring living spaces for people. With this attitude we have implemented architecture for residential projects, office buildings, hotels, commercial and mixed-use in Germany and internationally.

We are committed to a careful use of resources and a sensible use of future-oriented technology for sustainable buildings, combined with high standards of aesthetics, space and material. Often we work closely with our clients on user-oriented product development as well as CI and marketing concepts. In addition, we plan public and transport structures.


Sustainability has a global perspective: It is not the duty of humankind to save the planet but, to save itself and its own system. Beyond the protection of the environment, sustainability means to preserve and develop culture; to support creativity and communication; and to create beauty, joy and life-quality for ourselves and for future generations.

The seven fundamentals of sustainable architecture and urban planning are:

  • Reduction of pollution / Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Energy efficiency
  • The right choice of materials
  • Adaptibility and extended building life-cycles
  • Recycling existing and obsolete buildings
  • Improvement of the personal living and working environment
  • Facilitation of social exchange and communication

Creating visions, with respect to achieving these goals, is the soul of our work. The development and use of appropriate technologies is a key tool in our work for sustainable environments.

It is not the technical means alone that make a good building, but rather the orchestration of holistic concepts, with the right mix of the right ingredients. We work with the expert specialists together in cooperative teams. Our goal is to create a communicative environment that combines beauty, quality of living, efficient working, a low-carbon-footprint and flexibility for the future.

European Architects’ Alliance

CollignonArchitektur has since 2004 been a member of the European Architects’ Alliance (EAA), a consortium of architects and designers based in the major cities of Europe. It was founded on the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation and serving as a “one-stop-address” for clients in Europe and beyond. With more than 20 offices across Europe and 650+ staff it brings to projects international experience as well as local knowledge across a wide range of sectors.