Berlin Tempelhof
Marienhöfe district

We plan the new, approximately 10 hectare Neighborhood Marienhöfe between the districts Tempelhof and Steglitz.

The development of the property should meet the urgent needs of the city of housing, business, social issues, e.g. Kindergarten and refugee accommodation, and cover green areas sustainably.

Modern, diverse commercial areas, an urban figure with an anger, park and neighborhood spaces and, above all, new rental apartments are to be created there. The living space will be bound to the Berlin model of cooperative development of building land.

The creation of a handicraft yard, an innovation center, a medical center as well as further office and administrative areas are planned, as well as businesses for general local supply. Approx. 50% of the development goes to residential construction, of which about 30% will be subsidized, occupancy-related apartments, most of the apartments are medium-sized, suitable for families. Nursing homes and facilities are also considered.

The planning envisages a contemporary open space concept with meeting points for recreation, play and leisure areas.

Facts and Figures
Attilastraße, Ecke Röblingstraße, 12105 Berlin
Direct Commissioning 2020
169.500 m²
New Construction of a City District, Residential, Commercial, Office, Retail, Catering, Medizinische Versorgung, Kindergarden
RS GmbH & Co. Immobilien II KG
Knippers Helbig GmbH, hhpberlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz GmbH, Happold Ingenieurbüro GmbH, Atelier Loidl
Marienhöfe district
Marienhöfe district
Marienhöfe district