Berlin Charlottenburg
City Light House

Light, transparent and luminous - this prominent block close to Kurfürstendamm defines surprising materiality and minimalist power.

It consists of the "cell façade", newly designed by CollignonArchitektur. Its solutions, in terms of technical construction, building physics and architecture, are an innovative development of the double façade. This façade is part of the overall ecological concept of the building. It saves energy and improves thermal comfort in winter. It also provides sound insulation with natural window ventilation at this highly congested intersection. The sustainable concept allowed the authorities to approve a very high land usage density for this compact office and commercial building. An integral part of the architecture is the lighting design of the façade.

Facts and Figures
Kantstraße 162, 10623 Berlin
11.500 m²
Retail, Office Building
City Light House GmbH & Co. KG, c/o Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH
Order Type
Direct Commissioning
GTB – Berlin-Tragwerksplanung, LichtKunstLicht AG, FKN Gruppe, TGA Energiekonzept Prof. Dr. Ing. Daniels, Müller-BBM GmbH
International Illumination Design Award (IESNA) - Award of Merit 2004
Lukas Roth, Jan Bitter
City Light House
City Light House
City Light House
City Light House
City Light House
City Light House
City Light House
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