Berlin Charlottenburg
West City Apart

The building was honored by the capital investment magazine "Cash" with "The Golden Square  Centimetre" prize.

The idea of the "block corner" was newly defined here. A diagonal slit 2,25 m wide penetrates the residential, shop and office block, creating a conceptional division of the building into two converging parts. Accentuated by the cantilevered bay it also forms the main entrance, with straight stairs and a lift which is glazed on the courtyard side. The proportions, the grey Florentine sandstone, the color composition and the stringent design details lend the building its elegant and fresh overall impression. The rather closed street frontage contrasts with the courtyard facade, which is open to the south and west and boasts generous balconies.

The building comprises 6 office units, 48 owner-occupied apartments, 2 shops and 22 parking spaces.

Facts and Figures
Kantstraße 150, 10623 Berlin
5.055 m²
New Building, Residential
BEKO Projekt GmbH
Order Type
LichtKunstLicht AG
Jens Willebrand
West City Apart
West City Apart
West City Apart
West City Apart
West City Apart
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