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New Offices .comhouse®

.comhouse® - optimal space for new forms of work.

As part of an internal R&D project, we developed a concept for highly flexible office and commercial building, titled .comhouse®. The conventional cellular office is becoming increasingly less used in the digitized office world. The purpose of our concept is to create optimal spaces for new forms of working, in view of the fact that increasingly creative and communicative work will prevail. In the course of the noticeable social trend towards individualization, office worlds with an open layout and activity-oriented, detailed areas are in demand. The .comhouse® receives its special quality from a deep floor plan (up to 25 metres) and a central access core. As a result, the zoning of the surfaces on one level can be optimally networked. Modern biodynamic light is part of the concept, so that all surfaces are illuminated healthily.

In Friedrichshain we are now realizing the first .comhouse®. It has a building depth of 23 metres and a length of 68 metres and achieves a gross-to-net efficiency of 92% with one central access core. The wide-span structure supports adabtibility. The expressive façade with its cladding made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal positions the building in its informal, yet developing city location. The trapezoidal columns visible in the façade are the defining design feature, but were also derived from structural economy; their shape allows for shorter ceiling spans and the maximation of window areas for natural daylight.

Facts and Figures
Bödikerstraße 26, 10245 Berlin
In Progress
8.117 m²
Flexible Office Building, 6 floors
Pandion Vista GmbH & Co. KG Köln
Order Type
Direct Commissioning
loomilux Berlin, CollignonArchitektur
New Offices .comhouse®
New Offices .comhouse®
New Offices .comhouse®
New Offices .comhouse®
New Offices .comhouse®
New Offices .comhouse®
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