Wohnquartier Barlowstraße

Competition, 1st Prize

On the formerly commercial property in Munich's Englschalking district, we planned four new residential buildings with a total of 160 partially subsidized apartments. Located between the city trainline, Barlowstraße and Brodersenstraße, it creates an attractive new residential address on the eastern edge of the district with high quality living.

The façades of the four houses show a free play of open and closed surfaces in different colors. They also have a light, playful effect, also due to the round corners of the building, and give the building ensemble an identity-forming, charismatic face. The park-like open space surrounding the new residential buildings provides a dense tree population that shields the dwellings from the S-Bahn line. Together with the soundproofing wall, which was not built in glass, deviating from our design, the noise of the city is reduced to a minimum.

For even more "green" living feeling, all apartments of the upper floors receive loggias, and the ground floor apartments all have a private garden. The generous open spaces extend their quality into the apartments. In contrast, the public open spaces of the area along Barlowstraße and Brodersenstraße, preserve the character of light tree groves. Playgrounds are screened in the private, green courtyards between the new dwellings.

Facts and Figures
Barlowstraße, 81927 München
15.000 m²
Residential Quarter, 160 apartments
ZH GmbH & Co. Objekt Barlowstraße KG München
Order Type
Competition 1st Prize
Benjamin Hatzold
Wohnquartier Barlowstraße
Wohnquartier Barlowstraße
Wohnquartier Barlowstraße
Wohnquartier Barlowstraße
Wohnquartier Barlowstraße
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