U-Bahnhof Marienplatz

The character of this longitudinal space is mainly formed by the circulation stream of travelers. 

Islands are harmonically placed within the stream of this flowing movement. Thereby a continuity of space is created in which dynamic and static elements complement themselves.

Two types of Islands are located within this bright hall: The shops, as built volumes, that are of smooth and rounded character and are emphasized with vivid graphics and illumination. They are clear and calm volumes that create space and allow people to stream by or inside.

Unbuilt, but clearly defined within the hall through light and materiality, are the two islands that form the access to the lower levels. From these levels the existing blue tiles reach out into the hall and clad balustrades, Information- and vending machine walls. The sculptural shape and the strong color draws the attention of travelers to them and thereby supports the natural orientation.

The white ceiling is designed in analogy to a sky above a stream. An organic pattern resembling clouds translates between dynamic movement and built geometry. It consists of dot patterns, that creates an illusion of depth. The lower level accesses are accentuated by the intense light of a luminous ceiling.

The over all design guides the visitor. The access islands are shiny and bright with noticeable blue elements. They are visible from any spot within the hall and are of unmistakable identity whilst providing all related information and services. The ceiling pattern guides the view to the exits and the lower level accesses.

Facts and Figures
Marienplatz, 80331 München
Design Concept
4.500 m²
Subway Station
Stadtwerke München GmbH
Order Type
Competition 2010
U-Bahnhof Marienplatz
U-Bahnhof Marienplatz
U-Bahnhof Marienplatz
U-Bahnhof Marienplatz
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