Chongqing, China
Sport Pavilion, Longtou Temple Park

The expressive shape of the Sports Facilities Building is a symbiosis of the function, the climate concept and the chosen supporting structure of the building.

The Sports Facilities Building houses a restaurant, teahouse and shop at park level. This is the only above ground accommodation. Below ground the building houses a yoga and fitness area with a 25-metre outdoor-pool, changing rooms with sanitary facilities serving the nearby sports fields, and public toilets.

The basement section with its access and its open space is formed like a trapezoid-shaped trench in the landscape. The “Pavilion” with gastronomy and shop area spans this trench like an autonomous building structure. With its large terraces and transparent façades, the building opens to the south, overlooking the park. The wide sweeping roof protects the interior of the building from solar heat gain and provides shade for the terrace.

The dynamic architectural form is inspired by the movement of sports activities, and the shape is derived by its aerodynamic function. Aligned to the prevailing wind direction, the sloping cantilever deflects the wind down into the lower floor and also into the ground floor areas. The perimeter of the basement is cooled by the adjacent soil. A generous stair gives access to the basement. This is accompanied by a water cascade and spray fountains, which are creating adiabatic cooling of the incoming airflow and the entrance space. In peak climate conditions or adverse wind directions the ventilation and air-conditioning can be supported mechanically. As a source for cooling and heating energy, the system has solar panels on the roof of the building.

Facts and Figures
Longtou Temple Park Sports Facilities Building, 400000 Jiangbei Qu
2.500 m²
New Building, Sports Facilities Building
Park Administration Chongqing
Order Type
Direct Commissioning
IBO Shanghai
Sport Pavilion, Longtou Temple Park
Sport Pavilion, Longtou Temple Park
Sport Pavilion, Longtou Temple Park
Sport Pavilion, Longtou Temple Park
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