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Quartier Alexanderplatz - STUDIO B

Near Alexanderplatz, a new residential area with 402 student apartments, a private day-care center and commercial space was built. 

The architecture of the building is typologically strongly related to its surroundings of large-scale, powerful buildings and simple but present façades. In particular, the choice of materials for the brick façade is borrowed from the neighboring historic police building.

The very complex building construction is divided into a main volume with 10 storys and two terraced storys. A supermarket extends over the entire ground floor with a sales area of 1,250 square metres plus ancillary spaces and a bakery with a café. On the ground floor there are also entrance areas to the central circulation that leads to the apartments, and to the day care center located on the first floor, to the office of the property management, as well as the driveway to the proposed underground car park with 26 parking spaces and ancillary rooms. Open playground spaces for the private day-care center are located on the roof of the supermarket and at the 2nd courtyard on the ground floor.

On upper floors 2 to 11 there are the one-person student apartments, designed as condos with a shower bathroom and a kitchenette. Almost all apartments have a balcony. Due to the geometry of the floor plan, the sizes here vary between approx. 25 and 40 square metres, almost all apartments receive roof terraces.

Facts and Figures
Keibelstraße 6, 10178 Berlin
Completion 2016
22.700 m²
New Building, 402 student apartments
Lambert Wohnbau GmbH
Order Type
Direct Commissioning
2dm GmbH, THINKBUILD ARCHITECTURE Innenarchitektur, Müller-BBM GmbH
Linus Lintner, Lukas Roth, Ute Zscharnt
Quartier Alexanderplatz - STUDIO B
Quartier Alexanderplatz - STUDIO B
Quartier Alexanderplatz - STUDIO B
Quartier Alexanderplatz - STUDIO B
Quartier Alexanderplatz - STUDIO B
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