Bucharest, Bulgaria
Precious Park

An icon for luxurious living in a well designed and natural setting. 

The masterplan’s design is based on an elaborated rhythm where built spaces consequently face unbuilt spaces. This concept promotes a great generosity of space. Alternating sequences of water-bound pathways, green areas and paved areas create promenades and piazzas which invite people to spend time in its generosity of built & unbuilt spaces with a park-like atmosphere. Thereby created spaces are of dynamic character and open up to the adjacent forest.

Being a large development, the precious park project implements aspects of green measures to create a sustainable, biotope society. It creates high density and thus reduces building site within its natural setting. The integrated landscaping optimizes functional zones and connects the project to its immediate surrounding forest. 

The residential development is blocked off from the adjacent high traffic street by a strip of commercial buildings that articulate the entrance to the area and provide protection from noise. Precious Park is a low traffic development where traffic is only permitted in the commercial areas at the entrance. Apartments are accessed via the underground parking lot which grants that the residential areas are free of any traffic.

Facts and Figures
Precious Park, 010082 Bukarest
Design Concept
119.190 m²
New Building, Residential, Commercial
Artbau International, Bucarest
Order Type
Competition 2008 1st Prize
Precious Park
Precious Park
Precious Park
Precious Park
Precious Park
Precious Park
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