Berlin Tiergarten
Lennéstraße 5

The ten-story house at Lennéstraße 5 has a clearly legible supporting structure, the glazed north facade opens up to a “window to the park”.

The building Lennéstraße 5 emancipates itself architecturally by its strong, silver-metallic materiality from its stone siblings directly west. The result is a light and elegant building whose architecture plays with classic-modern elements and proportions. Thus, the structure is readable, the pillars in the façade plane taper upwards, one recognizes a subtly indicated plinth, the main façade and an attic floor. The fully glazed north façade forms a window to the park.

The buildings’ volume was precisely defined by urban planning stipulations. Design principles borrowed from the automotive industry helped to find an elegant façade solution as an overall concept. It solves the design problem of conventional grid façades, with their visible connections to interior walls and wide structural elements, in a new way. The special value of the building is created, among other things, by its high-quality detailing and stringency.

Our architecture created a highly profitable product for the client.

Facts and Figures
Lennéstraße 5, 10785 Berlin
5.080 m²
Office Building, 10 floors
Grundstücksverwaltungsgesellschaft Lennéstraße A4+5 mbH
Order Type
ILM - Ludwig & Mayer/Roman Kucharzak Fassaden Engineering, Atelier Loidl
Jan Bitter
Lennéstraße 5
Lennéstraße 5
Lennéstraße 5
Lennéstraße 5
Lennéstraße 5
Lennéstraße 5
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