Berlin Charlottenburg
Lanolinfabrik Salzufer

Two old fabrication buildings, listed landmarks, as well as the "Kontorhaus", built from red brick, characterize the ensemble. 

This historic factory site is located on the idyllic green banks of the Landwehrkanal in the central West Berlin commercial area of Charlottenburg. 

Our assignment was to plan two modern office buildings with underground parking for cars and bicycles. The building site was created through the demolition of an unsightly warehouse from the recent past, and another building. The whole area, including outdoor facilities, has been transformed by our contemporary design.

At the street edge, a significant building, with a large passageway through to the commercially programed courtyard, is currently under construction. Its façade is a minimalist modern interpretation of classic factory architecture with a vibrant, high-quality, warm-gray clinker. Loggias and a differentiated attic floor structure the street façade. A small, new building in the same style, is added in the courtyard: The "Boiler House" connects to the old factory chimney by means of a balcony. The architectural details and the interior design play with modern materials, reminiscent of industrial times. Rough brick and simple, exposed concrete surfaces are contrasted with smooth, silver aluminum surfaces to complete the unique design.

The unconventional and sometimes very deep floor plans are suitable for modern, flexible working environment concepts. Both closed office space and open, communicative areas can be implemented. A specially developed lighting concept is integrated in the ceiling panels for heating and cooling, and has energy-saving control technology.

Facts and Figures
Salzufer 15-16, 10587 Berlin
Completion 2021
17.273 m²
2 Office Buildings, with 5 and 7 floors each
Green Park GmbH
Order Type
Direct Commissioning
LichtKunstLicht AG, Capattistaubach Urbane Landschaften
Lanolinfabrik Salzufer
Lanolinfabrik Salzufer
Lanolinfabrik Salzufer
Lanolinfabrik Salzufer
Lanolinfabrik Salzufer
Lanolinfabrik Salzufer
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