Chongqing, China
Entrance Building, Longtou Temple Park

Considering the local climate with temperatures at about 30 °Celsius, we have created a climate friendly, energy saving, innovative concept.

A new large landscape park, called “Longtou Temple Park”, has been created in the heart of the Chinese city of Chongqing. CollignonArchitektur have designed two landmark buildings serving as showcase projects of sustainable building design. 

The Entrance Building marks the gateway to the park. In addition to office space, the Entrance Building includes a large event space in its square floor plan form, with an adjoining open-air stage as well as a spacious conference area on the top floor. A flexible, L-shaped office wing encloses the open L-shaped atrium and the, again, square event and conference area. This is designed as a closed cube made of Corten steel. The architectural power of this design is rooted in the play between the golden "wing" on the roof of the building and the visual abstraction of the wooden lamella façade of the offices, which corresponds in its language with the use and the sustainable concept of the building.

The room climate control is supported by energy-saving natural systems. The office and conference areas as well as the atrium are primarily naturally ventilated. The "wing" above the atrium generates a negative pressure via wind flow, which sucks the exhaust air out of the building via the atrium. Fresh air supply flows through an underground ventilation labyrinth for cooling.

Facts and Figures
Longtou Temple Park Entrance Building, 400000 Jiangbei Qu
3.200 m²
New Building, Entrance Building, Office, Event Centre
Park Administration Chongqing
Order Type
Direct Commissioning
IBO Shanghai
Entrance Building, Longtou Temple Park
Entrance Building, Longtou Temple Park
Entrance Building, Longtou Temple Park
Entrance Building, Longtou Temple Park
Entrance Building, Longtou Temple Park
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