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It is a unique location, typical of Berlin in its wealth of urban tensions. The property symbolizes the Berlin mood of change.

The property at Michaelkirchstrasse does not have a straightforward location on the Spree but rather a highly promising one, next to the Michaelkirchstrasse bridge and opposite a power station. In an urban space and volume study we played through various development variations for the buildings on the property. At the forefront was the possible use of the waterfront location for its attractive amenity value.

Together with MetaDesign AG we joined in a product development workshop which resulted in a comprehensive strategy for a mixed-use real estate concept for the creative Berlin public. This was based on an analysis of the target group and led to an architectural concept that was linked to powerful branding. In this context the team also developed an initial communication concept.

We later extended our design to the two neighboring properties on the Spree. The urban form is reinforced by strong, dynamic spaces. A sequence of harbor - urban space - "river meadow" creates different qualities of space and usage, all of which benefit from their reference to the river.

Facts and Figures
Michaelkirchstraße 22-23, 10179 Berlin
Design Concept
53.000 m²
New Building, Office, Residential, Hotel, Retail
Order Type
Open Competition
META Design AG
Creative Spaces
Creative Spaces
Creative Spaces
Creative Spaces
Creative Spaces
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