Berlin Mitte
„Colonnades“ Quartier Heidestraße

Competition 1. Price

The quadratic building volume was predetermined by urban planning stipulations and accommodates a mix of uses, with offices along the Heidestraße and flats in the other three building components. The design idea is based on the goal to create a building that is in dialogue with the entire neighborhood by way of networking and openness. Defining elements of the design are structure and relief.

An important element for the networking is the spacious colonnade as urban spacial connection to the Dreiecksplatz (square). The ground floor zones are interwoven with their outdoor space through the arrangement of public uses such as restaurants on the square and retail along the surrounding streets.

The upper floors are characterized by this tectonic structure and a relief-like three-dimensionality. The solid panels play together with the fenestration and loggias. The closed façade panels are turned slightly inwards about a vertical axis, so that an image similar to a slightly open door results. This gives the façade an inviting and open character even though the materiality is a solid white concrete. The relief-like image of this residential façade shines from different perspectives and shows its sculptural quality clearly in the oblique perspective.

Facts and Figures
Heidestraße Ecke Quartiersplatz, 10557 Berlin
Start of construction 2019
42.000 m²
Residential, Office Building, Retail, 6 floors
Quartier Heidestraße GmbH
Order Type
Competition 1st Prize
LichtKunstLicht AG, LandschaftsArchitektur Birgit Hammer, Priedemann Fassadenberatung GmbH
monokrom, CAD
„Colonnades“ Quartier Heidestraße
„Colonnades“ Quartier Heidestraße
„Colonnades“ Quartier Heidestraße
„Colonnades“ Quartier Heidestraße
„Colonnades“ Quartier Heidestraße