Berlin Tiergarten
Bauhaus Pavilion

Using a "large scale construction kit" a house is being build from numerous, standardized parts or units and fitted to the needs of its owner in a cost-effective way.

The Bauhaus Archive/ Museum of Design is in need of additional space for almost all of its departments: educational science, special exhibits, events and a more advanced visitor service. For the efficient operation of the facility an extension building is needed. Based on the initiative of the "Group 09 - friends of the Bauhaus Archive/ Museum of Design" a scheme was developed for the construction of a temporary pavilion. This temporary pavilion will be used until funds for the addition will be available. The temporary character of the building is being indicated by the use of “Euro Pallets” as the proposed construction.

A large room is being formed by stacked standardized Euro Pallets , which is not unlike the concept of the "Honeycomb-House" that was developed by Gropius. The gaps between the boards of the pallets provide the interior of the space with a suspenseful diffused light and give the internally illuminated building an interesting appearance during the night. On the exterior the Bauhaus-Box is being extended by means of a terrace, which allows for additional usage during summer and provides a nice outdoor space close to the water. Additional modular systems like tent structures or platforms can be used to provide space for large-scale events.

Facts and Figures
Klingelhöferstraße 14, 10785 Berlin
Design Concept
200 m²
Design Concept
Bauhaus-Archiv Museum für Gestaltung
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Bauhaus Pavilion
Bauhaus Pavilion
Bauhaus Pavilion
Bauhaus Pavilion
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